IB Chemistry I SL/HL ASB

IB Chem SL/HL Course Outline

Chemistry Data Booklet

Final review

Final review key

Acid Base Exam I Test

Acid Base Exam I Key

Energetics HWK #1

Energetics HWK #1 Key



4 Responses to IB Chemistry I SL/HL ASB

  1. oscar says:

    done but i unfortunately posted it on week 2 instead of on week 1 but oh well.
    is 9:00 ok?

  2. Khadidja says:

    Hi Mr. Thomsen,
    I wasn’t able to open the IB Chemistry Course Outline, when I click on it, it just says “File not found”

  3. Andrea says:

    thankyou Mr T,
    I read over the syllabus. All good. I’m looking forward to this year 🙂
    I didn’t find a moment to go get the study guide though. I’m so sorry. I had a meeting with a teacher for a CAS project 1st recess and then in lunch I wasn’t sure if you had a class and anyway I was talking to Mr Maas for thimun and I eat slow. Anyway, I’m just explaining, not trying to excuse myself. I’ll see you asap tomorrow for thr study guide. And I’ll see you in class! 🙂

  4. oscar says:

    Mr. T um i’m having trouble with the chemisrty powerpoint i mean most of the stuff that i have to explain we haven’t studied or we have but almost a year ago and i don’t remember. could we please meet monday first break i’m completely stumped.

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