Chemistry 10th A/B ASB

Chem Final Worksheet Answers worked out

Chemistry Course Outline

Organic Nomenclature Practice Site

  • NaHCO3(aq) + HCl(aq) –> NaCl(aq) + H2O(l) + CO2(g
  • Using the above formula you will be given .10 g Sodium bicarbonate and 50 ml 1 M HCl do all calculations. What will be the final M of HCl in the solution? How much gas did you generate in L?
  • PRACTICE Worksheet
  • WKSHT Key
  • chemistry-math-key corrected

GOOD Practice for the exam on Wednesday below do and bring to class tomorrow 3/27/12

Nomenclature Balancing Practice

Nomenclature Balancing Practice KEY

Identifying Chemical Reactions

Homework for tonight Read Pages 211-222 about chemical reaction types….

Test Wednesday

Nomenclature WORKSHEET

Nomenclature PPT

PG 159

(Quiz, Bonding, Ionic, Covalent, ionic covalent) Charges of Group I,II, V, VI, VII, VIII, Figuring charges and names of molecules, molar masses, # of atoms and molecules)

37-41 numbers

Know covalent ionic compounds for Sulfur, Nitrogen, Chlorine, and Carbon pg 147

pg 144 transition metals



24 Responses to Chemistry 10th A/B ASB

  1. alex k-a says:

    hey mr. T, are we allowed to use our notes on this test??

  2. denise loven says:

    are you sure we have the test tommorow? since it is photoday?

  3. Sophie says:

    Mr T, I dont have the textbook at home, and I don’t have it at school. I also have misplaced my chemistry notebook. I just received my shipment of things from my Sydney house so everything is everywhere. Is there anyway that I could do my own research and hand that in instead of getting a 0 for the homework assignment?
    And then borrow a book and do the homework assignment either at lunch or for the next day??

    Sophie R 10B

  4. Sophie says:

    was there supposed to be something posted on here? i can’t remember what it was…
    i think it may’ve been the test outline orrr something important..
    it’s hard to see what is new and what was already there.

  5. Ilana says:

    Hi, Mr. T.
    Can you post the study guide for the exam?

  6. Laura Isaza says:

    Mr T!!!!!!!!!!
    You haven’t posted the semester exam study guide!!!!! We neeeeeeeed it!

  7. Mireia Arlandez says:

    Mr.T!!!!! remember to please post some more review questions like the one we did today in class and please post the anwsers 🙂

  8. Chloe says:

    Hey Mr T!
    Could you please post loads of practice problems so we can study for the exam?
    Thank youu

  9. John says:

    Hey Mr. T, the reading/notes that you assigned are really confusing me. I have asked around for help, but the people who I asked are also confused. Could you explain them in class tomorrow and not quiz us. They are pages 773-784 by the way.

  10. Sophie says:

    so we only had those 6 practice problems for homework to hand in? just checking…

  11. Sophie says:

    please post final exam review with answers
    (as many ex questions as possible)

    thank you

  12. Sophie says:

    mr T, for the final exam review, you’ve written all of the organic nomenclature wrong and now i´m confused
    for example question 3 says: 1, 3, Ethyl Methyl Butanol – i think is incorrect
    if there are 2 ethyls and 1 methyl (which is what you are implying) then it would have to be 1, 3 DiEthyl Methyl Butanol, but what your answers show is that you want to have 1-Ethyl 3-Methyl Butanol
    also for question 1: 2,3 Ethyl, methyl pentane
    it should be 1,3-Methyl 2-Ethyl butane (butane instead of pentane because the longest carbon chain is 4 i think)

  13. chloe bouchard says:

    ill miss chem so much!!!!!

  14. Pedro says:

    hello mr.t
    could you please confirm if the test is going to be this tuesday or wednesday?

  15. Josep says:

    Mr t this is Pep, can you confirm when the quiz is? thanks!

  16. watervirgo says:

    Mr T, could we please have the test any other day? half the class doesn’t even know there is a test tomorrow, and the rest doesn’t understand stoichiometry . could we have some review classes before the test pleasee?
    thank you

  17. Judith says:

    Mr T, could we please have the test any other day? half the class doesn’t even know there is a test tomorrow, and the rest doesn’t understand stoichiometry. could we have some review classes before the test please?
    thank you

  18. dpremoli says:

    Good afternoon Mr thomsen, as I was speaking to one of my peers they told me that you specifically told them that we have a Chemistry test tomorrow. This is something that the majority of the class and I were uninfromed about. We were not aware about this upcoming test because you never announced the fact that we were going to have a test on Monday the 6th of may. We dont have the material to study for the test for we left it at school, and one day to prepare for it seems insufficient. You didnt let us know as a class about the test, so we didnt know bring our Chemistry notes with us, because we thought we didnt need to study. Please keep this into great consideration, the majority of the class havent studied and were not informed about this test. Enjoy whats left of your day
    -10 A

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