Biology 9th A/B ASB


Biology review topics FINAL

Taxonomy Review-Taxonomy Chart

Tonight research dissecting boney fish select a system and explain why you want to research it more closely. 9A

  1. Skeletal9A
  2. Muscular System good
  3. cardiovascualr system
  4. Respiratory System
  5. Digestive
  6. Ecretory
  7. Integumentary
  8. The Lymphatic System
  9. Nervous
  10. Endocrine
  11. Reproductive


  1. Skeletal
  2. Muscular
  3. Circulatory
  4. Respiratory
  5. Digestive
  6. Ecretory
  7. Integumentary
  8. The Lymphatic System
  9. Nervous9B
  10. Endocrine9B
  11. Reproduction9B

Great Inspiration Video Grasshopper Annelid Dissection Science Method Rubric Inquiry Board kingdoms TEST REVIEW GUIDE Semester II  Look for when things appear in a phyla and put in table to guide your study. taxonomymy notes

Animal Phyla Presentations Semester TEST Review Unit #3 Where did life come from? Persuasive Essay topics  Biology Topics 1-5, 7, & Last two in Biology. If you type those topics into youtube the videos could be helpful too. Evolution Vocab Bio VocabDictionary Unit #2 How do we know things are alive? Future of Cancer Research Eva Vertes

  • Organic Molecules – A molecule that typically consists of carbon atoms in rings or long chains, where other atoms (e.g. hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen) are attached
  • Carbohydrates (Sugars/Starches) – C, H, O
  • Proteins (DNA/RNA) – C, H, O, N, S Amino acids
  • Lipids (Fats) – C, H, O, P (phospholipds)

Something cool

Unit #1 Where do things live and why? Why do things live where they live TEST FORMAT

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71 Responses to Biology 9th A/B ASB

  1. Carolina says:


  2. Maria Dos says:

    Just a small question….
    How many countries do we need…???

  3. Valentina says:

    My Biome is the temperate scrub land or North America and as I told you in class I am doing the Chaparral and I found only California as a country.You told me that there is one more,I cannot find this on the internet!Could you please tell me or at the very least give me a hint as to the name?Thank you

  4. Valentina says:

    Baja Mexico?

  5. seraphin says:

    would a new zelan weta work as a secondary consumer for tropical rainforest in north america?

  6. SeokYoung says:

    Well Mr. Thomsen, I just sent you an email through horde, so can you please check ur horde mail? please and thank you

  7. tatijana says:

    hi mr.thomsen, whats your school email, so i can email you my biology powerpoint? i dont have a memory stick, so i cant bring it in tomorrow, so ill have to email it to you,

  8. sasha says:

    mr. thomsen, do i have to present by myself??? (pleeeeeeease say no)
    . puppy face…. 😦

  9. Lucy says:

    hi mr.thomsen! hopefully you noticed i missed school today… I have been ill since saturday evening, and wasnt allowed to go to school today when my temperature rised. I probably will go to school tomorrow, and was just wondering if I had any homework or if there was anything important that you mentioned in the homeroom today. Also, if you could tell me if i need to bring any note from my parents to school, that would be great. thank you!

  10. Valentina says:

    I’m trying to do the take home test and realized that the teacher who covered for you took in the paper with all the countrie info on it including info on the fake countries.Could you please tell me what the info on the sheet was?Thank you

  11. Laia says:

    Is it okay if we get for the paragraph different cities than we put in the take home test, if we dont remeber the ones we put there?

  12. Mae says:

    Hello Mr. Thomsen I’ve been absent the laste two days because of my bronchitis, and I don’t know what the homework is so if you could please tell me what it is? Thanks.

  13. Tatijana says:

    hi mr. thomsen, where did you put up the science study review sheet thing we need for the test ?

  14. Emilio Papastergiou 9A says:

    Hello Mr. Thomsen. I would like to ask you a question about the test on “Why do things live where they live?” on Monday.
    Do we need to know the precipitation ranges for each biome? Or do we just need to know that the precipitation is low, medium, high?

    • mrthomsenasb says:

      You should know the rainfall for each

      25cm or les

      Grassland temperate

      Grassland tropical
      25-100 cm

      Tropical dry Forest < 23.5 N/S
      50-100 cm

      Dry forests 23.5-42 N/S

      Forest temperate and taiga
      75-200 cm

      Boreal Forest
      75-300 cm

      Tropical Rainforest
      200 cm<

      Temperate Rainforest
      200 cm<

  15. Maria Dos says:

    Mr. T, what was the Homework assigned on Friday?

  16. Valentina says:

    We have a test on Wednesday and I was hoping you could answer the following question:
    You said that we had to learn `at least 5 natural ways from nature that these chemicals get into the system’. When this refers to Nitrogen do we have to list the stages? Eg. nitrification, assimilation etc…

    Thank you

  17. Hudson says:

    Mr. Thomsen, what were the 40 pages we had to read?

  18. Andrea says:

    where’s the worksheet for the debate vocabulary?(:

  19. Emilio Papastergiou 9A says:

    Hello Mr. Thomsen. I would like to ask you a question on the final exam.
    Do we need to know the different eras of the Earth?

  20. Elisa says:

    Mr Thomsen i don’t understand the first chart underneath the drawing that talks about biomes, winds, Spain and Portugal. how do i fill that in?

    • mrthomsenasb says:

      Using a specific country to model what you have learned

      under the first 100km

      Biome would be
      dry forest to
      temp forest
      rain fall goes up when air cools

      100km – 400km
      dry forest
      to near desert on flats
      reason air falling clouds dissipate

      temp forest
      taiga forest
      rising air cools nearly alpine conditions
      upper mid latitudes

  21. Camila Rodriguez says:

    Do we need to know anything on How did life appear? and on Living organisms and the organization of living stuff?

  22. mrthomsenasb says:

    The table is about interpreting the watercycle at different latitudes and with different influences… Hope this helps clear things up some.

  23. Cristina says:

    Mr. Thomsen, for the final exam do we need to know why oceans are salty?

  24. Lucía says:

    I have mammals for the Animal Phyla presentation. Its really general so should I just do the three major kinds of them?

  25. PMFeduchi says:

    Mr.T, for crustaceans, for reproduction: if I have ones that can be Parthenogenetic– produce eggs that develop without being fertilized by sperm, would that be asexual or sexual reproduction? I mean, it sounds asexual but sperm is involved and it would belong to sexual reproduction.

  26. Andrea says:

    Mr. T my phyla is Isopoda/insects so should i include marine ones its that i’m confused… :/

  27. Jaume says:

    Mr. T i have Birds-dinosaurs for the Animal Phyla project and i was wondering should i put pictures of bird dinosaurs and birds today as well or just the dinosaurs? Thank you

  28. Emilio Papastergiou 9A says:

    Hello Mr. Thomsen. I would like to ask you about the presentation I have on reptiles. What information do I have to present about dinosaurs in general?

    Emilio Papastergiou 9A

  29. Andrea López says:

    Hello Mr. T, my phyla is the isopoda/insect and i can’t find its respiratory or digestive system.
    could you help me?
    Andrea López 9B

  30. Andrea López says:

    Mr. T, are these the different types of Isopods;
    Phreatoicidea, Asellota, Microcerberidea, Oniscidea, Sphaeromatidae?
    Andrea López 9B

  31. Andrea says:

    Hi Mr. T,
    Could you send me what we were talking about in homeroom
    of the Isopods Digestive / Resperatory system and there Life cycle please?
    Andrea López 9B

  32. Lucía says:

    Hello Mr. T,
    For the test do we have to know the digestive, reproductive, and nervous system of each animal phyla? Or only what’s on the study guide

  33. Pablo de Esteban gotor says:

    what do you mean were do we have to look??

  34. Elisa says:

    Do we have to write eubacteria and archeobacteria or is it okay if we just write monera?
    Protista usually don’t have a cell wall but sometimes they do, where would that fall in the chart?

  35. Lucía says:

    Mr. T your taxonomy notes follow a different order for the animal kingdom than the powerpoints one, which one do we folllow your notes or the powerpoint order?

  36. Sandra says:

    Hello Mr. T. Remember how I mentioned people being allergic to cold? Apparently, it is known as “cold urticaria”:

  37. Sandra says:

    Remember how I mentioned somebody nbeing allergic to cold? Apparently, it’s called “cold urticaria” :

  38. Valentina says:

    Can you please put the worksheet that is for homework on wordpress?
    thank you

  39. Emilio Papastergiou says:

    Hello Mr. Thomsen. I would like to ask you some questions about the fish dissection. I am analyzing the respiratory system. Do I have to remove the gills or do I just have to observe how they are linked with other organs?

    Thank you

  40. Emilio Papastergiou 9A says:

    Hello Mr. Thomsen. I would like to ask you a question about the cell model presentation on Friday. How long should the presentation be?
    Thank you

  41. Emilio Papastergiou 9A says:

    On Friday, do we have to hand in to you a handout in 6th grade language or in 9th grade language?
    Thank you

  42. Pau M. says:

    Hello Mr. T. I’m not quite sure if I’m supposed to talk about the reproduction of Fungi or about the reproduction of Fungi cells. So, is it about the reproduction of the cells or of the fungi as a whole?
    Thank you

  43. Emilio Papastergiou 9A says:

    Hello Mr. Thomsen. I would like to ask you some questions about the presentation on Friday. Do we have to go in great detail about what function does each organelle have (for example, do we have to explain the way an organelle synthesizes proteins or not)?
    Thank you

  44. Sandra says:

    Hello Mr. T,
    In our cell model project handout, should we include Protista when comparing kingdoms, or even mention it? Since we aren’t building a protist cell model. If not, is it alright if we state that there’s five major kingdoms?


  45. Emilio Papastergiou 9A says:

    Hello Mr. Thomsen. Do we have to write about how each specific organelle of our model is different from those of other eukaryotic or prokaryotic cells, or do we just have to mention if the organelles we built are also present in other eukaryotic cells?

    Thank you

  46. Sandra says:

    Hello Mr. T.
    In our human body system project, should we simply explain the organs of both genders and their functions, or should we also include the whole process of egg fertilization, and the stages of development (i.e., infancy, childhood, adolescence, etc.)?


  47. PMFeduchi says:

    Mr.T, for the final, it says description, where it would occur and why (biomes). does that mean biome characteristics (other than weather patterns that have influence, latitude & rainfall) such as “cold, snow, sand, tall grass, etc?

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