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2 Responses to Mr Thomsen A-S-B Blog

  1. seraphin says:

    for the biomes, do we only have to put the scientific name or the species and the name?

  2. dpremoli says:

    Good afternoon Mr thomsen, as I was speaking to one of my peers they told me that you specifically told them that we have a Chemistry test tomorrow. This is something that the majority of the class and I were uninfromed about. We were not aware about this upcoming test because you never announced the fact that we were going to have a test on Monday the 6th of may. We dont have the material to study for the test for we left it at school, and one day to prepare for it seems insufficient. You didnt let us know as a class about the test, so we didnt know bring our Chemistry notes with us, because we thought we didnt need to study. Please keep this into great consideration, the majority of the class havent studied and were not informed about this test. Enjoy whats left of your day
    -10 A

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